KC Aviv


KC Aviv has a lifetime of riding & horse owning experience and over 11 years of teaching experience. Growing up with horses, KC was able to enjoy formal lessons along with pleasure riding and vaulting. Preferring to gallop the trails, KC realized 3-Day Eventing suited her need to run and jump and her mother's need for KC to appreciate dressage. KC has competed in Eventing all throughout California. In 2007, KC opened a riding school in Southern California. The school, Neophyte Farms, is still family owned and home to happy riders. 

KC has had the opportunity to teach and train with many wonderful trainers and riding schools in California, Colorado, and Maui. She loves to share her well rounded experience and general passion for horses.

KC currently lives, rides, trains and paddle boards in West Maui, Hawaii. She owns and competes on her horse of a lifetime, Orion.