Naomi Collins


With a lifetime around horses, Naomi found her serenity at the barn. Starting at age 5, her grandmother would take her out for weekly lessons which quickly escalated to being out with these animals almost every day. Whether it was cleaning stalls or going on trail rides, she was all for it. 

At age 11, Naomi moved to California and started her showing career and owning her first horses. Beginning in lower level hunter-jumpers, Naomi found her strength and passion. Being taught that these animals are our partners, she formed unbreakable relationships with her two horses, Pablo and Simba. After several years of doing schooling shows in California, she was ready for her next step.

At age 15, Naomi moved to North Carolina to further refine her riding skills with an expert trainer. Competing at regional competitions, she made her mark as a Champion in North Carolina. She was fully invested in the sport of english riding.

Naomi has had the opportunity to teach and train with wonderful trainers in California, North Carolina, and Maui. She has studied dressage, hunters, jumpers, and western riding. Naomi currently lives, rides, trains, and is a massage therapist on the west side of Maui.